April 22 to May 5, 2012 - Bike, walk, carpool, transit – drive less, have fun, and save the planet

Watch for updates about 2012...
Participating Communities in 2012:

Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos/Hills, Foster City, San Carlos, and East Palo Alto

Drive Less Challenge 2012

Get ready for the Drive Less Challenge 2012, starting on Earth Day April 22.

  1. Set your personal goals
  2. Join teams (work, school, neighborhood)
  3. Track and compare results, win fun prizes!
Take The Challenge!

ONLY $2.25 to SFO

Good to remember for the Challenge and generally good Drive Less alternative for travel to SFO via Palo Alto: the $2.25 Samtrans KX Express bus to SFO takes just over an hour. Save time (no long wait for an airport shuttle), money (no gas & no parking fees) and less air pollution! Get a lift to the CalTrain/University Ave Transit

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Help make Drive Less Challenge 2012 the best yet

The Drive Less Challenge has been growing for the last 3 years, with more people making lasting changes to the way they get around, and helping friends and neighbors learn how to reduce driving alone. Would you like to help make Drive Less Challenge 2012 the best ever? You can help with local outreach to your community, to schools, workplaces.

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Drive Less Challenge 2011 Celebration

On Saturday night, Drive Less Challenge participants gathered to celebrate a successful event, to congratulate award winners, and to thank those who contributed to a successful event. Click here for the list of videos the winners can watch from now on.

The Drive Less Challenge continued to expand in 2011, with many more participants doing less solo driving, traveling green, and reducing carbon emissions. The 2011 Drive Less Challenge had ten participating communities, with about 900 participants taking 9000 green trips. All together, participants racked up about 90,000 green miles, the equivalent of nearly four trips around the globe. This displaced about 45,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. Participation was more than three times the level in 2010, in the number of participants and amount of green travel.

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Congratulations to the prize winners for Drive Less Challenge 2011 overall:


The Drive Less Challenge offers many ways to win, since people have different choices available to them. Some people are able to avoid driving alone completely; others need to travel places where there is no good alternative to driving. People who have access to transit for the routes they travel can take the bus or train. People who are healthy and able can bike and walk. People who share travel plans with neighbors can carpool.

Participants shared stories about their Drive Less Challenge Experience. Tom Fensterman of Los Altos used to be an avid mountain biker, but hadn’t ridden a bike since surgery on his ankle. He used the Drive Less Challenge as motivation to ride to the train in Mountain View and take Caltrain to his job in the city, getting exercise and reducing stress.

Everyone who took the effort to consider their own travel patterns and to take advantage of green travel is a winner. Our community as a whole is a winner when we make changes to reduce driving and save the environment.

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Drive Less Challenge 2011 – Communities and Groups

The Drive Less Challenge had 10 participating communities in 2011, up from 4 in 2010 and 1 in 2009. The most active community this year was Menlo Park, which pioneered the Drive Less Challenge in 2009. The second most active was Sunnyvale, which was brand new this year.

Green Miles Lbs CO2 saved
Menlo Park 21,273 10,982
Sunnyvale 14,257 7,166
Palo Alto 11,992 7,370
San Carlos 10,867 7,066
Los Altos/Hills 8,837 5,468
Mountain View 8,555 4,816
Redwood City 4,491 2,610
Morgan Hill 3,944 2,118
Burlingame 3,562 1,796
Cupertino 1,069 747

Communities and groups are important, since our travel habits are reinforced by those around us. These are the largest groups that participated in the Drive Less Challenge this year:

Group Name Members Category Community
San Carlos Charter Learning Center 56 School San Carlos
Heather Elementary 39 School San Carlos
White Oaks Elementary 28 School San Carlos
Brittan Acres Elementary 27 School San Carlos
Central Middle 25 School San Carlos
Menlo Park Administrative Services Dept. 17 Work Menlo Park
Arundel Elementary 17 School San Carlos
Oracle 14 Work Redwood City
Green Town Los Altos 13 Social/Civic/Fun Los Altos/Hills
Menlo ENG 10 Work Menlo Park
UU Fellowship of Redwood City 9 Faith Community Redwood City
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 5 9 Work Menlo Park
Menlo Park Community Services Team 9 Work Menlo Park
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 3 7 Work Menlo Park
Facebook 7 Work Palo Alto
NASA Ames 7 Work Mountain View
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 4 7 Work Menlo Park
Acterra 7 Work Palo Alto
Stanford University 7 Work Palo Alto
Bike Party!!! 7 Social/Civic/Fun Sunnyvale
UU Church of Palo Alto 7 Faith Community Palo Alto
Menlo Park Library 6 Work Menlo Park
Sunnyvale Cool 6 Social/Civic/Fun Sunnyvale
St. Charles 6 School San Carlos
Tierra Linda Middle 6 School San Carlos
Menlo Park Community Development Services 5 Work Menlo Park
Bulingame CEC 5 Social/Civic/Fun Burlingame
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Drive Less Challenge 2011 – Thanking Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who made the Drive Less Challenge successful in 2011. A team of volunteers organized the contest, coordinated outreach in ten communities, lined up financial sponsors and prize sponsors, and organized the party.

Burlingame: Susan Castner-Paine, Jeff Londer
Cupertino: Linda Gohl
East Palo Alto: Brent Butler
Los Altos/Hills: Margie Suozzo, Karen Janowsky
Menlo Park: Joe Walmsley, Leah Strichartz
Mountain View: Ellen Gibson
Morgan Hill: Ain Indermitte
Palo Alto: Bret Andersen
Redwood City: Carol Cross
San Carlos: Eva Iglesias
Sunnyvale: Heba El-Guendy, Ian Emmons
Party coordinators: Leah Strichartz, Susan Caster-Paine
Outreach: Joe Walmsley
Outreach, organization: Bret Andersen, Adina Levin
Founders: Mitch Slomiak, Carol McClelland, Gail Slocum

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