Drive Less Challenge 2011 – Communities and Groups

The Drive Less Challenge had 10 participating communities in 2011, up from 4 in 2010 and 1 in 2009. The most active community this year was Menlo Park, which pioneered the Drive Less Challenge in 2009. The second most active was Sunnyvale, which was brand new this year.

Green Miles Lbs CO2 saved
Menlo Park 21,273 10,982
Sunnyvale 14,257 7,166
Palo Alto 11,992 7,370
San Carlos 10,867 7,066
Los Altos/Hills 8,837 5,468
Mountain View 8,555 4,816
Redwood City 4,491 2,610
Morgan Hill 3,944 2,118
Burlingame 3,562 1,796
Cupertino 1,069 747

Communities and groups are important, since our travel habits are reinforced by those around us. These are the largest groups that participated in the Drive Less Challenge this year:

Group Name Members Category Community
San Carlos Charter Learning Center 56 School San Carlos
Heather Elementary 39 School San Carlos
White Oaks Elementary 28 School San Carlos
Brittan Acres Elementary 27 School San Carlos
Central Middle 25 School San Carlos
Menlo Park Administrative Services Dept. 17 Work Menlo Park
Arundel Elementary 17 School San Carlos
Oracle 14 Work Redwood City
Green Town Los Altos 13 Social/Civic/Fun Los Altos/Hills
Menlo ENG 10 Work Menlo Park
UU Fellowship of Redwood City 9 Faith Community Redwood City
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 5 9 Work Menlo Park
Menlo Park Community Services Team 9 Work Menlo Park
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 3 7 Work Menlo Park
Facebook 7 Work Palo Alto
NASA Ames 7 Work Mountain View
Nokia Silicon Valley Site – Team 4 7 Work Menlo Park
Acterra 7 Work Palo Alto
Stanford University 7 Work Palo Alto
Bike Party!!! 7 Social/Civic/Fun Sunnyvale
UU Church of Palo Alto 7 Faith Community Palo Alto
Menlo Park Library 6 Work Menlo Park
Sunnyvale Cool 6 Social/Civic/Fun Sunnyvale
St. Charles 6 School San Carlos
Tierra Linda Middle 6 School San Carlos
Menlo Park Community Development Services 5 Work Menlo Park
Bulingame CEC 5 Social/Civic/Fun Burlingame
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