Find someone in your neighborhood, school, or workplace to carpool. Sometimes, it’s just that easy.

Matching Tools: &

511 Rideshare, part of, provides free carpool matching through a database of 20,000 Bay Area residents. Register at for a list of people who live and work near you who are interested in carpooling. Visit 511’s handy commute calculator to see how much you’ll save by carpooling (dollars and CO2) and check the 511 HOV and Map to see which Bay Area roads will save you time in the carpool lane.

If you live or work in San Mateo County, visit to learn how you can earn a $60 gas card by trying out carpooling.

Other Services:

Other carpool services include Zimride and Carticipate.

Zimride is an organization-based carpool matching tool that uses the power of social networking to link drivers with riders or riders with drivers. There are many pre-created networks for businesses and universities such as Stanford. However, Zimride also provides a public option that doesn’t require you to be part of one of the listed businesses or schools.