If you would like to sponsor the Drive Less Challenge 2010, and we hope that you will, please contact us. You can also use the donations form in the lower, right-hand corner of this site’s home page. Donations will be used for project expenses such as software, printing flyers, and publicity. All donations are tax deductible, as they are processed by Acterra, which is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization (note that your credit card statements will reflect Acterra as the donation recipient).

Contributions of any size are welcome, and those at the following levels (and above to the next level) will be acknowledged in our publicity literature, and, as the sooner you contribute, the sooner your acknowledgment will appear, we certainly encourage you to act early:

  • Platinum: $ 4000
  • Gold: $ 1000
  • Silver: $ 300
  • Bronze: $ 25 (individual only)

Prizes for the winners (for example, $20 gift certificates); note that prize donors are acknowledged on the Local sponsors & prizes – Shop locally! page!
We are pleased to have received several generous donations and grants already, and we hope to see this list grow in the weeks to come; major sponsors now include Microsoft, Specialized Bicycle Components, Interactive Sciences, Inc., Vinod Khosla, and Jim Baer, a real estate developer from Palo Alto.