Depending on where you’re going, transit may be a practical, relaxing, cost-saving option.

Can you get from here to there on transit? The quickest way to check is Google Transit. Also check our simplified transit map that shows only the most frequent and popular lines with relevant information.

Another handy way to plan your trip is with the comprehensive trip planner on

Fares on VTA & Samtrans:

Did you know? Your employer may already offer you discounted or free transit passes! Many employers such as Microsoft & Stanford offer employees transit passes through various commute programs. Check with your company today and start saving money while reducing CO2 emissions.

If you’re not eligible for the employer perks, regular adult fares on local SamTrans buses and VTA’s buses and light rail is $2.00, one way. If you’re disabled, of high school age or younger, or a senior, your fare is generally $1. Express bus service costs more.
Complete fare information for VTA & SamTrans. To pay, have your fare ready before you board the bus, and stick it in the farebox much like a vending machine. Exact change only!

Fares on Caltrain:

Caltrain’s fare structure is a little different from anything else in the Bay Area. Don’t be intimidated! The entire system is divided into Zones and you pay based on the number of zones you travel through. Simple! Check the Caltrain website for zone maps, and zone fares. Kids 5 and under are free!

When paying your fare, ticket machines are located on the platforms or inside the stations in San Francisco and San Jose.

Don’t forget, your Caltrain ticket may be covered or discounted by your employer!

Bikes on transit:

Taking transit can be even more practical if you take your bike on the train or bus. This lets you get to destinations a little further from the transit stop. Good information from Stanford on how to take your bike on transit

For more detailed information and schedules, check:
Caltrain – north/south train
SamTrans – San Mateo bus routes
VTA – Santa Clara bus routes
Shuttles – These shuttles go to downtown shopping areas, and also provide dropoff and pickup to the train.